Thursday, 14 June 2012

In sickness, and in health...

Photo by Andrzej Gdula
Since making that promise, Mr Muddle has really had a lot to live up to. It seems like the time since we got married has been filled with one sickness after another. The first year wasn't so bad, but I've been hit time and again this year with bugs and viruses and all sorts of nasty things.

I'm asthmatic, so my immune system isn't as tip-top as it could be, and as I type this, I'm laid up in bed with a chest infection, the antibiotics the doctor gave me next to me, along with cough medicine and paracetamol, inhalers and inhalant oil, tissues and my thermometer. Mr Muddle has brought me soup, and lucozade, and cake, and peppermint tea, and cooked every meal for me. He's watched me cough my guts out, throw up, cry, wheeze and generally feel downright awful.

And through it all, he has been my point of calm and care... and I can't thank him enough. I am bowled over by how well he lives up to the vow he made me on our wedding day.

We have had difficult moments over the 22 months we've been married (22 months today, in fact!). But through it all, our love is growing stronger.

The first time I was ill during our marriage, all I wanted was for my mum to be there. Now, all I want is my husband's kind actions, silly jokes and constant love.

In the 22 months we have been married, he has not needed to take one single sick day. But I hope when the time comes, I can show him - in the same way he has shown me - just how seriously I took (and take) those vows we made.

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