Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Favourite Things: when he sings...

I thought I'd use my Saturday post to share some of my favourite things about my lovely Mr Muddle and married life.

Image by Christian Ferrari
My first one is the way Mr Muddle sings to himself when he's happy. Sometimes it's something he's heard on the radio or TV, sometimes it's just something that he makes up as he goes along. It is incredibly cute. Sometimes he sings to me, or about me, sometimes he sings to our fish (which is always amusing), sometimes he's just singing about what he's doing

I love hearing him sing, because I've never heard him do it when anyone else is already. It's always been a mark of how comfortable he is with me, and how much he trusts me. It's always a sign to me that he's happy, because he doesn't do it when he's not.

So, Mr Muddle, please don't stop singing!

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