Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Seducing Your Husband...

I have finally been able to admit to myself that I am a high desire wife. When it comes to sex, Mr Muddle is left in the dust by how much (and how often) I want him... and that is hard. So many of the books I've read on marriage expect the wife to be the one who refuses sex, and the husband to be the one who is rejected. It's not that way in my marriage.

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I'm very grateful to Shelia, at To Love, Honour and Vacuum, for recognising that, and through reading her blog, I've come across another blog written by a high desire wife which I find immensely helpful. She posted earlier this week something which really spoke to my heart: you can read her thoughts on Godly Seduction here... she talks about how, as Christians, seduction is SO much more than what we see in the movies.

Today, I also read a post fromThe Marriage Bed aimed at wives whose husbands don't want sex... Unfortunately, it seems to fall into the same old chiches (lingerie, walking around naked, etc)... how I wish those worked! How I wish it was that simple. I have never rejected my husband sexually. It is not a problem of my own doing, and that I need to train him out of habits he's learned through being rejected. The article seems to be written by a husband who has no problems getting aroused, and no problems with his desire levels. Whilst I appreciate that he's trying to help, it's almost like chucking salt into the wound

I'm afraid I shall ignore nearly everything I read on seduction at The Marriage Bed, and will instead take some time to pray through some of the suggestions from Spice and Love.

My prayer today is that everyone who is struggling in a marriage where sex isn't what we'd want... that God would show us new ways of seducing our spousing, and being together in mind, spirit and body.

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