Friday, 16 November 2012

A Godly Challenge...

So today I downloaded Shelia's new book to my Kindle. If you're not a reader of "To Love, Honour and Vacuum", you should be. This book is entitled 31 Days to Great Sex.

As you'll may have read in my last post, I am the high desire spouse in this couple. I could happily have sex at least ever other day. My husband is not in that place, and if left to his own devices would happily have sex only once every 2-3 weeks... that's quite a big difference. I suspect he might have low testosterone levels, but right now, he refuses to see a doctor to rule that out.

I started reading the first few days to see how they unfold, so I can broach the subject of working through the book with my husband. I'm not sure I'm brave enough today, and I want to pray first that I find that right time to do so. I'm sure there's so much I could be doing to help improve our emotional intimacy, and I have high hopes that working through this book together will help.

So, please pray for me: for God's wisdom, that I know the right time and the right way to raise this with him, and for a docility in spirit that I would be willing to learn what both God and Mr Muddle need to teach me in the area of our marriage bed.

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