Thursday, 22 November 2012

Marriage and Ministry

I've not been around for the past few days, mainly because my ministry is a bit crazy at the moment (I'm involved in full time youth ministry in a secondary school, so although it's a 8am-4.30pm job in theory, it isn't really). There's been lots of events happening this week, and between being ready for them and being around for Mr Muddle, there hasn't been much time to blog... so forgive my absence please!

Photo by Lioness65
As you might have read, whilst I'm a committed Christian, Mr Muddle isn't. I've been working full time in various ministries since I left school, and was very actively involved in my church before we married. Since we married, I have been very grateful for the advice of a very wise spiritual director. She advised me not to commit to any regular ministry outside of school. Her logic was simple: "You work for God all day. But what sort of witness are you giving to your husband if God takes you away from him all the time?"

I thank God regularly for her wise words. I will naturally offer to help everyone, and over-commit myself. She simply reminded me that God called me into my marriage, and that is my first ministry. God called me to my school too. I must prioritise them.

It's helpful to remember that when life is busy, that God has given me my priorities, and asks me to be faithful to them.

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